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D J Barnard

About us

As fifth generation farmers, we pride ourselves on producing some of the finest meats in Norfolk, having sold our home reared meats to the public since 1997


Being a small family run butchers means we can provide a bespoke service to our customers showcasing the top quality of our produce. Specialising in beef and lamb we have developed our own blood lines to create what we believe to be a wonderful end product. 

With years of knowledge between us we are sure to be able to guide you to the cut of meat suited to what you need.

We pride ourselves with our care and attention in not only the farm to fork ethos but also in our animal welfare and standards being a long-standing member of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme.

Any meat which we don’t produce on our farm such as poultry we make sure we source as locally as possible to our own high standards.

We have built up a wealth of experience in providing the finest quality eating experience of our meat from using our most local abattoir in Norwich to minimise travel time and stress for our animals, to hanging each meat for its optimum time to ensure its tenderness and flavour.


Our Animals

Specialising in beef and lamb

Our cattle are bred from Hereford and Simmental Cross cows with British Blue bulls to provide us with an outstanding beef calf. We breed our own replacement cows by using a Simmental bull.

Our breeding ewes are crossed between Suffolks and Berrichons for their frame and Beltex and Texels for their shape.

Both the beef cattle and lambs are given forage we harvest ourselves and grazing on herb rich meadows. This gives them the time to grow providing a lean but meaty end product.

All cared for souly by us we can say we truly do know our animals and that they are raised and cared for to the highest standard we can.

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